Along with striving to craft beautiful, affordable products, burnn. is continuously making a conscious effort to reduce our environmental footprint. 

We are committed to supporting local Australian businesses when it comes to sourcing the materials and equipment for our craft. By supporting us, you are also supporting other local businesses!

We re-tab our wick off cuts and use them in custom candles to ensure that there is absolutely NO wastage during our candle making process. 

All our products are delivered using a carbon neutral service called SENDLE. Read more about their service here.

We use Bio-fill to cushion your products, protecting them during transit. Bio-fill is an eco-friendly solution to packing peanuts and is made from corn starch, making it 100% biodegradable (dissolving in water within seconds). It is also made in Australia! If we use bubble wrap in our shipping, this has been recycled from packages we receive from our suppliers. 

We encourage you to re-use your jars once you have finished your candles.